We are a nationwide association dedicated to providing honest legal information, counsel and reform in every state. OUTLAWS LEGAL SERVICE provides knowledge about the true nature of the law to everyone that seeks to educate and free themselves from the abuse and corruption that is rampant in the courts and slowly destroying America.


The battle we wage is not just for ourselves alone, it is for all Americans.  It is a fight for ideals, lest this, our common homeland, false to its founding, becomes in truth the land ruled by the corrupt and the home of the slave. Quite simply, We cannot be free unless you also are free. Without unconditional freedom for everyone, any freedom is just a mere illusion, and as you will learn herein, only a privilege granted and licensed by a malevolent government.


Most laws and rules created by the government quickly turn into a tool to reward the friends of the politically powerful and to harm those opposed to their policy. But more laws don't make America any safer. People should never be prosecuted for what they think, for what they say, for what they own, for what they eat, drink, or smoke, or for what they believe. They should be prosecuted only for any physical harm they do to others. People who harm others should be punished fully, because the only valid social policy is one that holds every individual responsible for whatever harm they initiate against other people.


Night after night, many people lay awake in cold fear, sleepless, because of what judges and lawyers are doing to them. They are being robbed and abused by the very courts where they expected protection of their Rights.   Complete families are destroyed by this injustice. The courts have taken their children, homes, careers, money, and self esteem. The legal system has stripped them of all they have ever worked for, and left them with nothing but despair.


Many wonder if they can ever sleep again. They worry about owning another home for fear of seizure. They worry about risking marriage again for fear of another financial rape in the courts. They worry if it is safe to deposit money into a bank again, fearing it will be removed by some lawyer. They wonder if it is even worth starting over in any career where they must first obtain permission to work by a state issued license for fear that license will be unjustly revoked again.


This is certainly not liberty. This is tyranny, a fraud, a big lie, an illusion. Because judges no longer honor our Constitution and openly refuse to even comply with it, they have ceased to serve any legitimate purpose.   American justice would be much better served if we fired all the judges from the bench, and then settled all decisions and grievances by the flip of a silver dollar. Unlike the present corrupt system, everyone would then receive an equal 50-50 chance of obtaining justice. With no unfair discovery, no slanted arguments, no lying lawyers, and no corrupt judges! We need top rated attorneys and civilians to come together for a just cause.   That would truly be "America the beautiful."


Until you personally begin to demand your Rights and make a difference in your own state, your own city, and in your own family, nothing will change and the Republic that was designed and built to permit us individually to be equal Sovereigns will never return. We, therefore, claim for everyone, ALL natural, political, civil and social Rights that belong to a free born American and until we obtain those Rights, we will never cease to protest and to assail the consciousness of America.

Founded July 4, 1987

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